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What Do You Want To Achieve?


What do you want to achieve in your life?

Write a book? Be a stay at home parent? Get rich from a business? Be successful in your career?

Why are you WANTING to be those things and not BEING those things then?

Maybe you’re in a career that you never imagined yourself working or wanting to work in but it pays the bills so for now it will do until you can do what you really want.

Maybe you are doing something you like but it’s not making you the money that you always told yourself you would.

Maybe you are working three jobs just to keep the lights on and were sick of it the day you started.

No matter what you reason is for wanting something instead of having it there is a simple way you can get it.

Every time you wake up. Every time you turn on the TV. Anytime you do anything ask yourself, “What do I want to achieve in life?”

And after you answer, you will have to decide if what you are about to do is getting you closer to that or further away.

Because there is no middle ground. You either advance or take steps backwards.

Everything you do either puts you closer or further away from what you want.

The choice is yours.  Continue wanting to be the person you should be or begin BEING that person.

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