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Traveling with Ease and Positive Thinking

If you have seen my blog posts already, you’ll know that I love to travel often. You can check out my blog, where I talk about travel, learning, thoughts, meditation, and much more.

One of the things I really enjoy about traveling is the experience you receive that can be vastly different from what you’re used to sitting at home in a chair you’re used to, a bathroom you are comfortable in, and a job that you know what you’re doing each day. Of course, depending on where you’re traveling to, stores could be different, it might smell different. Likely the water will even taste different, which can be scary, but if you’re careful it will all be okay.

A big thing I have learned in my various travels throughout the world, is that you have to ease the mind and enjoy your current surroundings. If you don’t find the good in what you’re experiencing, you can always dive into the negative side of things which surround us even when we are at home. If you aren’t one that enjoys traveling much because of the stress or things being “different”, try it again sometime and see how it goes. Keep an open mind, embrace the culture and differences from what you’re used to. I can promise you that it will really open up your eyes and you’ll realize that the world is a huge place and there is a lot more to life than just focusing on one small segment of it.

I know some who read this will think, “I don’t want to travel though, it isn’t for me.”, and that’s okay. What I will say though, is keep this perspective in place in your everyday life as well, not just while traveling. Embrace what is going on around you, as long as it is within your values and morals. See the good, see the light in the situations you find yourself in. It’ll really make a change in your day, week, month, year, decade, life, whatever you want to say, I can tell you that it’ll change the way your mind works when you encounter a situation.

That’s all I have for today, I will sign this off as I always do.

Stay classy!




I am an engineer from Michigan, working in the automotive industry. I enjoy writing to express thoughts and share travels. Wakeboarding, snowboarding, running, weightlifting, biking, and many others are some of my favorite activities to do. Of course traveling goes into that list too!

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