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Be that friend…

I often ponder about friendships in today’s world. Are they for real? Do good friends exist?? Today, people are very busy with gadgets than humans. I see everyone holding a smart phone/ tablet and making friendships with the screen rather than the human around. Often the conversations are shallow and friendly affection is less displayed less. Lets change that!

To make good friends, we need to be one!!

Plan yourself to hear out to the person next to you  – at work or study or at home wherever you are!. Spend at least half an hour of your time listening to them and speak only kind words. Listen to them with all your heart and empathize … well, that is all needed to be a friend. 🙂 



I am a simple individual interested in writing about topics of my interest and share my views with the world. I'm interested in Nature, travel, books, social media networking, designing.

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